That’s a wrap! CI000 & CI001

That’s a wrap! CI000 & CI001

My Dearest Pixels,

February 2020 is well underway and that means that we have officially wrapped up both CI000 & CI001 fundraising efforts.

Firstly, I’d love to congratulate each and every Pixel on their fundraising and charity contributions to our two initiatives. Together through your efforts, we’ve raised a combined total of $892.51*¹. The combined total will be split (at $446.25) between CI000 & CI001*². Big and small, every contribution to supporting the two charity initiatives counts and we couldn’t have done it without you.

While we’re at it, we’d also like to announce the winner of the Genji Overwatch 11.75″ Premium Statue. A humongous congratulations to our very own Pixel, @Gnargl3ator! You are the lucky winner of this amazing prize, thanks to your contribution to the fundraiser! Our Royal Court members will be in contact with Gnargl3ator in the next 24 hours in regards to getting your prize delivered to you asap!

*¹ I had always intended for 100% of the donations/contributions received to go towards our charity initiatives. However, getting off the phone with Paypal, they unfortunately could not wave the transaction fees for the donations received through the charity live streams as they had been processed through Streamlabs and not directly into the OPXLA Paypal account. All donations received directly into the OPXLA Paypal account have incurred no fees. Only the live stream donations have incurred fees. Thus, the amount raised should have been $1160. But despite my explanations to Paypal, they refused to wave the fees.
*² CI000 originally raised $255 late last year in 2019. Hence, we are displaying two donation receipts for CI000 and only one receipt for CI001.

We will always strive to make the world a better place. No matter the obstacle or challenge.

Our hearts are in this, and with that, so too our actions.
– Milky Pixel

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