Supporting Each Other

Supporting Each Other

My Dearest Pixels,

When working towards the betterment of our community, I’ve never wanted to ‘compete’ against other organizations in a ‘who is better?’ or ‘who can do more of this?’ etc type deal. OPXLA has never been about that, and will never be about that. We always want to strive to be completely honest and transparent with you all as a company and community. Thus, the Royal Advisors and myself have decided that tonight’s 24hr Charity Livestream will be postponed until a later date (TBC) while our Twitch Channel hosts the wonderful GenerOZity stream in solidarity for their phenomenal work.

GenerOZity is a ‘multi-day non-stop live charity marathon showcasing Australian talent‘, with 100% of their proceeds given to charity. For as long as I’ve been a part of the gaming community, these amazing people have done nothing but be incredibly generous and hard working with their philantrophy. Please show them as much love as possible and help us support them raising money for Australian fire relief.

Our hearts are in this, and with that, so too our actions.
– Milky Pixel

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