Our Resources Page Goes Live!

Our Resources Page Goes Live!

My Dearest Pixels,

Today, it fills my heart with joy that our OPXLA resources page is now live on the site! This particular section of our website is a place we’ve absolutely poured our blood, sweat, tears, and all our hearts into.

The resources page, for myself and the Royal Court, means so much more than just a web page with resources on it. It’s something that all of us had wished we had access to when we were younger, just starting out in the world, and something we had desperately desired to have at some of the lowest points in our lives.

We thought it appropriate to release our resources page right as we kick off our #CI001 campaign because we know very well how it feels to have feelings of absolute helplessness when you don’t know where to go. We also thought it would be meaningfully appropriate for the 19th of November as today is International Men’s Day. There’s still such a horrible societal stigma around men showing any emotion other than aggression. And while society has made strides to remove the shackles of a toxic patriarchy, which has been shatteringly damaging to men (and women), we still have a long way to go. Mental health issues can affect anyone, no matter who you are.

Our wish is for the OPXLA resources page to grow and develop with the love and support that we all deserve to receive. This resources page is for everyone within our community and industry (not just OPXLA Pixels), and if you’re outside those categories and happen to find it useful? It’s for you too.

The Royal Court and I have been working on the page for quite some time now, and when the time came to decide the moment of it’s release, I knew that I wanted it to launch during our first charity initiative (even before we had decided to submit an application to support Headspace). I was hesitant to turn the release into a donation goal for the initiative because our belief is that important resources such as these shouldn’t be kept behind a membership wall or donation goal…

Important resources, like the ones on the OPXLA resources page, should be available for our entire community and industry. For the betterment, development, and growth of our home. Our Family.

To go to the OPXLA Resources Page, click here.
If you wish to apply to be a part of OPXLA, click here.

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