Happy 2020 New Years, Pixels!

Happy 2020 New Years, Pixels!

My dear wonderful Pixels,

The world has officially entered 2020. I wanted to write a quick letter to you all to say that I hope this year will be good to you. I hope that with hard work, dedication, unwavering resolve, integrity, and courage through adversity, we may grow, and that we may become a better community and industry… together.

Now for some hard truths; for too long we have all put up with (tolerated) being treated like crap by people who hold positions of ‘power’ and ‘influence’ within our community. And for what? A chance to be accepted and chosen within the ‘inner circle’? Perhaps we swallow our integrity and morals for a chance at a purple or blue tick next to our name. Regardless, our actions, and even our passive acceptance has had dire effects on our industry, and now we are living with the consequences.

Evidence of misconduct can be laid bare for the entire community to see, yet those who commit the crimes aren’t held accountable. Instead, despite a pattern of behavior that indicates a complete lack of care for anyone who isn’t themselves or their inner circle, our community feels compelled to allow this behavior to continue. To allow these individuals to not only get away with the horrible things they have done, but to thrive, and flourish.

No more. Enough is enough. As a community we have suffered enough due to our own masochistic tendencies. So many people would prefer to continue to complain about the situation we find ourselves in, instead of actually working together towards holding people accountable for things and making our industry a better place. Not just superficially on the surface. But truly, genuinely, right into our roots. Because right now, they are rotted in some places, and if we continue down this path, we will die.

Yet I refuse to let this come to pass. I refuse to allow certain individuals to reap the benefits whilst they bleed our home dry. I will fight for our community, our industry… our home.

There are those in the community who would sit idly by and call the bad things that happen “drama”. Dismissing it all with the same broad brush and claiming that they don’t contribute to the degradation of our industry because they aren’t involved. Well they would be wrong. Passively allowing the bad things to happen, refusing to take a stance and sitting on the fence, when we know for a fact that when we work together the bad things/behavior could be stopped, is being part of the problem. Because I can tell you right now that the people who have been using us for their own personal gain for years? They will continue to do so if we let them. We need to stop letting them.

To claim to only focus on positivity to improve things is to completely ignore the fact that in order for true change and betterment to occur, one needs to face the bad and the ugly head on, look it dead in the eye, address the damn thing, and show it the door. Acknowledge, learn from patterns of behavior, and what has happened in the past. Not holding people accountable for the bad things they have done, only allows for it to happen again, and again, and for the pattern to continue.

As Founder & CEO of OPXLA, I promise to all of you, that for as long as I live, I will never stop fighting for the betterment of our home. I will always fight tooth and nail against those that would choose to lie and bullshit and defame and take advantage of the community’s current passive acceptance of the way things have been.

We can change things for the better. But I can’t be sword and shield alone. We must do this together. We must fight together. Because if we don’t, the future of our industry is only going to get worse. And I don’t want to live in a world where I get to say, “I told you so.” amidst an irreversibly damaged community.

I hope 2020 brings everyone the courage to stand with me and fight for the TRUE betterment of our industry. I don’t want to live in a community where a well known OCE streamer gets away with telling a victim of verbal sexual assault to “mitigate” so it doesn’t happen again, then allow the sexual predator to be protected by her own admin team through lies and a misdirecting vilification of the person who refused to submit and be silent. I don’t want to live in a community where an esports personality can continue to run tournaments and events that deliver consistent lack luster quality or true growth to the community, yet he and his wife (fueled by their blinding self interest) continue to reap the benefits. I don’t want to live in a community where things like this keep happening and we all complain… yet in the same breath we all allow them continue.

We need to stop passively allowing these people to treat us like they can keep sticking the needle in to draw blood even when we’ve been bled dry. My heart aches for our home because I know we deserve better. But right now, we’re not fighting for it. Let’s fight to be better in 2020, and if that means we face some ugly truths head on, then that means we face some ugly truths head on. I want nothing more for the acceptance and tolerance of lies, bullshit, and bullying behavior to stop. As a community we can lift each other up. Support each other. But we can’t do that unless we fight for what’s right. Let’s fight for every Pixel’s right to succeed and grow through their efforts and talents. Because it must be done. For the betterment of our industry, our community… and our home.

My heart is yours,
Founder & CEO
Milky Pixel

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