How You Can Contribute

How You Can Contribute

Hello Amazing Pixel,

We’re so glad you’re on this page! Here you will find the many ways you can contribute to the current charity event that is being run (or will be run if you’re ahead of the curve). So go ahead and scroll on through and see what you can do!

Amazing Pixels:

Ways you can contribute!
LIKE, RETWEET/SHARE, and ENGAGE with every OPXLA social media post regarding the charity initiative. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn)
– If you’re not a streamer but love watching streams; Don’t forget to tune into the OPXLA streams being broadcast throughout the Charity Initiative’s duration.


DONATE straight into the OPXLA account:

Step by step. How to donate to OPXLA through PayPal.
  1. Head on over to your PayPal account to get started. Select the send option.
  2. Here you’ll see where to type the OPXLA email to send through your donation.
  3. Type in ‘[email protected]‘;
  4. and select ‘Send to [email protected]‘.
  5. Type in the amount you wish to donate. Regardless of the amount, every little bit counts. Every donation matters.
  6. In the ‘Add a note‘ section please type in the name of the Charity Initiative you wish to contribute to (CI001, CI002, etc… OR if this is a standard donation towards OPXLA, simply type ‘Pixel Support‘.
  7. In this section, please select ‘Sending to friends and family‘. (When selecting this option, the donation does not incur a transaction fee and thus the full amount will be processed for the donation compared to other services which charge transaction/service fees when using them for fundraisers. We’re very aware that every cent counts in your wallet, and would rather 100% of your donation go towards which ever CI you are contributing towards instead of that specific percentage going to fees)
  8. When you’re ready make sure steps 6 and 7 are correct, you’ve selected your preferred payment method, and hit ‘Send Now‘.
  9. Once you hit this screen, you have successfully donated to OPXLA. You can hit ‘Done‘ to finish the process. Thank you for your contributions. <3


If you’re interested in getting involved with helping raise funds through streaming. Please send through the three points below to [email protected] with the subject line “Member Stream Info” followed by the charity initiative number (eg CI001, CI002, etc..). Your 600x600px promotional image for use on social media will be emailed back to you as soon as possible. Please read the email carefully for any important information and further instructions.

Not a part of OPXLA, yet?

If you’re not a member of OPXLA and would like to join, head on over to, fill out the application form, and hit that submit button! If you’re genuine and your heart is true, you’ll be receiving that acceptance email in no time!


If you’re a brand and/or organisation looking to collaborate, contribute, or even just discuss how you can work together with OPXLA (whether it be for a current charity initiative, a future event, or anything at all), please send us an email at [email protected] with all the details you wish.