Combining CI000 & CI001…

Combining CI000 & CI001…

My Dearest Pixels,

After much discussion, the Royal Advisors and myself have decided to combine CI001 with CI000 (which was originally held in November 2019). This decision comes about after experiencing our country (Australia) enduring month after month of devastation and trauma due to the fires that we all initially hoped would never last this long.

The fires that currently surround us not only have horrendous effects on our physical health (difficulties breathing and irritated eyes due to air quality among the many issues), but they have had absolutely detrimental effects on our mental health too. The heavy loss of flora and fauna life, the many people whom have lost their homes to the fires, and the feeling of helplessness that a lot of us feel has taken its toll on us as a community. Our acknowledgement of how detrimental this has been on both physical and mental health is why OPXLA has decided to combine both Charity Initiatives of CI000 and CI001.

Thankfully, more and more people internationally are not only becoming aware of the Australian fires, but many are contributing towards fundraising in order to support our community in our desperate time of need. People from our beloved video games community/industry and even Hollywood celebrities are putting money towards our firies and the organizations that are determined to do good and help out during this devastating situation.

Our hearts are in this, and with that, so too our actions.
– Milky Pixel

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