Dearest Pixels

2020 has hit us quite hard. I usually write a lot but I’m going to try and keep this shorter than I normally would. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to express the sentiments I feel at this moment for us all. For the Black Community, we stand together. For the LGBTQIA+ Community, we stand together. For every single individual that has bravely come out with their experiences, we stand with together… with you.

I’ve never shied away from telling the truth, no matter how painful it may be. I’ve always supported and protected as much as I could, and I won’t stop doing so. I will never stop doing so. Please know that the OPXLA community is a place where you can feel safe to come to its leaders. You will not be turned away, or disbelieved, or shunned. In the last couple of months, we’ve taken a step back in order to allow for more appropriate voices to take the floor (e.g. regarding matters such as the #BlackLivesMatter Movement).

As allies the pain of our fellow humans mustn’t be ignored. For the racists and the trolls in our community that we simply shrug off, this is no longer sufficient. We must shun them, out them, name and shame them. There musts be consequences. For the sexual harassers, abusers, assaulters, including their enablers (of all genders). We must shun them, out them, name and shame them. There musts be consequences.

Denounce these people publicly. Stop supporting them. Allow for brands and sponsors to stop supporting them. Our home will be better without them.

This is the time to be pro-active. We must stop being afraid of being socially shunned or outcasted. We deserve better than this. We must ACTIVELY clean up this house of ours. It is time to #CleanUpTheHouse

I love you all. I will never stop fighting for our home.
– Milky Pixel

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