CI001 begins!

CI001 begins!

My Dearest Pixels,

I cannot express my joy enough and I cannot contain my excitement, that we’re finally underway with our first OPXLA Charity Initiative – CI 001! We chose to reach out to Headspace for our first because despite my tough extroverted exterior, just like so many of you, I suffer from mental demons that plague me from day to day. There are times when things are great, and other times when things aren’t so great.

And it’s the latter that we need to not only better understand, but work on how we look after each other, and support each other; whether when we’re simply feeling sad, or when we’re in our darkest hours. I intend for the organisations that OPXLA Charity Initiatives support, to speak to our hearts and our souls. What we, as a community need to support in order to better ourselves… and our home.

Myself and the Royal Court hope that you find it in the goodness of your hearts to help us fund raise and support Headspace. Our collective mental health as a community is more important than we sometimes realize, and OPXLA wants to walk that walk, not just talk that talk.

Pro pixel semper victrix… a pixel is always victorious. And we will be, when we work together.

For official information on CI001 – Charity Initiative 001 (Headspace), click here.
For Headspace’s official website, click here.

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